Hello world!

My new wordpress installation! I have yet to figure out wether or not to import my old blog entries. I don’t feel much like it for now, but I might change my mind later. For now, it’s going to be empty! (unless I feel like blogging).

Some info on the setup? I’m using wordpress svn with some git-svn magic to keep my code in version control. Using git-svn also solved my biggest hastle I used to have that I couldn’t easily mix a wordpress installation in my document root with existing files and/or folders (error pages, some stats folder, various other thingies).

The wordpress plugins I use are also managed in git, but not with git-svn. I’m unsure if its possible to use git-svn with git-submodules. And even if it is, it may be too much of a command mess to update them all. Instead, I’ll just write a little script I can run whenever wordpress complains about updating plugins that will loop over them and run a svn update (with a git commit with a nicely predefined commit message.

Code will follow!

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